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Help I Think He Has Bumblefoot!!!

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my blind degu Tony has recently warmed up to me and i can now hold him, i got him 3 weeks ago on sunday and i am pretty sure he has bumblefoot. he has orangey pink sours on his feet that are getting bigger and spreading to his fromt paws which he uses to eat!!!

1. is it contageous or can it cause damage to the food, he has never had a wire cage and his brother seems to be fine, it is just the two of them in there and they are my first pets (other than goldfish, my mother wouldnt let me start off with a hamster as she thinks they are too rodenty and bite, its a miracle we got degus!!!) but i am highly educated on them. will it spread to his brother or cause him any harm with food, they have sawdust on the bottom of their cage and i put dow shredded paper for pets on top to cusion it more and left a small sawdust area so they can go there if they dont lie the paper, they have wooden ledges and nest box and a plastic big rolly wheel which i am taking out as i write this ( i didnt know we had to clean it). can i put the wheel back in, also they use large living world balls. links at the bottom of the page.

just take the spaces out.

pets at /shop /giant-rolly-wheel-by-savic-15898

pets at /shop /chinchilla-and-degu-cage-by-thickets-house-15966

also i have an open scratch wound which he placed his paw on, will it do anything as it is stinging like mad!!!

PLEASE I NEED ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I don't think bumblefoot is contagious. It is usually caused by sitting on wire mesh, I think. However, it might be prudent to post a picture and your questions on a degu dedicated site like the deguworld forum or degutopia. I have no experience with bumblefoot and, seeing that no one else has responded to your post, you should get advice from people with extensive experience. He might have to go to a vet. It might be infected. I'm concerned about your hand stinging as well. Maybe it isn't bumblefoot.
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