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help! i think i pulled off one of my cat's nipples

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Okay this is a little bit of a weird one.....

I was petting my cat and I noticed something hard underneath her body. I inspected further and i thought it was some kind of bug attached to her.... at first i didn't notice the other side even after i looked. I don't know if i thought it was some kind of bug or tick or what but i wound up pulling it off and this gooey white stuff started to come out. :confused::confused::confused:

i don't know what caused me to second-guess myself after all that but i looked further on her body and noticed she had another scab like bug thing on the other side.... So naturally now i think i pulled off her teet. i hope i didn't ... not sure what to do at this point. It didn't bleed or anything but I am a little worried about it. She didn't seem like it hurt her when I pulled it off, but I just wanted to know if anyone else noticed these scab/bug like things on either side of their cats tummy.

If anybody has any insight on this please let me know.

Many thanks!!
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I highly, highly doubt you pulled off your cats nipple. Ever tried to rip off one of your own? You'd definitely notice if someone was pulling it off (not to mention the blood). I'm not sure what it could have been (abcess, pimple, tick, etc)? but nope, you didn't pull off yer cats nipple.
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