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Tonight I was cleaning my degu's enclosure when one of my degus, Wolf, fell(?) down from the 2nd to top level (the top is about 4'6 tall) He often carries this large piece of wood he likes to chew and sit on around that level of the cage, and I suppose when he fell/jumped he had it in his mouth, and when he landed on the bottom (where I was cleaning) the piece of wood looked like it fell on his foot. He limped to the corner and sat in the corner

(he always comes right to me when Im at the cage, which is perhaps why he was so eager to see me he fell?) but he instead sulked away, holding his foot in the air!

I carefully picked him up and instead of being all bubbly and crawly he just sat in my arms with his foot curled up to his body.

He ate a single tiny bite of his absolute favourite treat and no more, and after looking closely I realized there was blood between his toes and on his paw.
He is now back in his cage but sitting sullenly in the corner still not making a noise with his foot still curled up.

Is there a way to clean his paw? should I? also there are no vets open at the moment but is there anything else I should do to help him? I'm very concerned!:(

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Is it still bleeding? If it's a minor injury it should heal on its own, just keep the cage nice and clean. If it's more major he may need vet care (I'd call tomorrow when your vet opens and see what they say).

You need to make sure he continues to eat and drink, though, even if that means using a syringe.
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