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Help: Is it suitable for a baby one at least?

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I'm getting a Bearded Dragon soon and I know that when they are adults they need quite a large vivarium but for the first few months will the Beardie be okay in a 14gallon viv?
It was originally for the green anoles I was getting (they're so cute =P) but I didn't end up getting them so I have everything I need for the Beardie except for the cage.
So will it be okay for the first few months at least?

Thanks ^-^
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At 14gallon should be fine for a young beardie up to 6 months

Thank you ^-^
Your welcome.When are you getting your bearded dragon?
In a few weeks hopefully. I like to check everyone out before I buy a pet from someone, I nee to be able to trust them.
I'm supersticious, lol XP
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