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Help My Degu Got Wet!!!

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my degu tony fell in the hot bath!!!! i dried him off with a clean, dry face towel and gave him a dustbath, i put him in his cage with his brother and the current temprature is around 25-26 degrees C what shuld i do, hes only 6 months old. HELP ASAP!!!!
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Keep a close eye on him, make sure he isn't shivering. Keep a dust bath with him untill he dries all the way. The dust bath is going to stick to his wet fur..
It is OK if they get wet. My degu loves the water and her skin and hair r actually really soft. So it depends on the degu.
Since the original post was dated years ago and can be extremely dangerous I thought id leave a note. Degus should NOT get wet on purpose. It does NOT depend on the degu, all degus should avoid being wet. There is a reason they have dust/sand baths. Degus do not have the ability to regulate their body temp like other animals. To hot of water can cause them to stroke out , getting to cold either in ther water or after can cause them to go into shock and die. Their fur is also dense making it harder to dry completely and may grow bacteria and mold if not dried properly. Since they are small animals things can happen fast with out notice, they can also develop pneumonia quickly and it can kill them in a matter of days. Please do not post uneducated opinions.
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