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HELP!! My Gerbil is in Pain! What do I do?

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k so my gerbil is about 4 years old, she had a sister but she dies after 4 months, but thats another story...
Shes very energetic and loves to run around, so much so she doesn't like coming to my hand instead she runs back and forth from it. But this morning when i woke up and checked on her, i noticed she isn't as energetic, actually more lethargic. She's limping and trying not to put as much ressure on her back right paw. So i watched her for a bit, wondering hat could have happend and noticed her foot was swollen a bit. i kept looking giving her food and treats so shed come closer so i could see and i noticed all her nails on her right foot are gone! They were there yesterday before i went to work, i didn't bother checking when i came back because i was so tired. But she was fine yesterday, energetic as always, and now shes in pain. WHAT DO I DO?!
I need help ASAP:(
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I just noticed her front left paw is pretty much the same, she has it clenched in a fist and its swollen with no nails too. she still picks up food and washes her self a little but it looks painful
id suggest going to the vet
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