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Help please!!

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My car is in the shop because of a few problems and I cant make it to the vet til friday. Im really concerned about my cat. She is 7 months old and was dewormed once at 3 months old. Can someone just tell me what kind of worm this could be. Id like to research some information on it. This is the only one I have found and I havent noticed any other symptoms except a bit lethargic but I figured it may be a growth spurt. I have attached two pictures here. If anyone has any knowledge on it that would be great. I read a bit about it and it doesnt seem like tape worm or round worm but I really dont know. Thanks.


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It looks like regular gut worms to me. Usually either 'spaghetti' or 'rice' they are easily treatable with a visit to the vet for deworming pills. Do you have anyone willing to transport you?

Oh, all animals need regular dewormings as often worms come back... often. And prevention is better than anything. So she's going to need more dewormings anyways ^^
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