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Help! Rescued a preg. mouse who already has babies!

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I just rescued a gorgeous fancy mouse from a pet store who put males and females together and didnt give all the mice proper food. I went to get my two mice a new female friend because They have a pimped out large ferret cage and have the space for a new climbing buddy! I ended up being soft hearted me and as I watched a mom try and defend her two pinkies in an empty food bowl as the male mice trampled her and fought over baby carcasses, I caved and took her. I didn't realize till the end she came with 9 other pinkies as well! I was alright with that, i set her and the babies up in a 10 gallon tank with fresh food and water, and giant igloo to nest, and a wheel, and I didn't touch the babies. From what I saw they were about 3 days old and one seemed to have a head wound and one was a peanut. Poor Hannibal (the mother, named because of her baby eating tendencies) was terrified of all humans and stressed. She is set up in my bedroom and I am keeping it at about 70 degrees for her. I have had her for about 2-3 days now and she still hates humans but she seems to have been eating much better now and she has built up the nest all abound the igloo and seems calmer then in the petstore. She did kill the one with the head wound and expel him from the nest, and the peanut seemed to have died naturally. Other then that I have not seen any dead babies when I have spot cleaned. I am not disturbing the nest and try to let her have the room to herself when I can. The problem is that when she does emerge from the nest to get a good run out or drink, she seems to be getting wider. Her sides are HUGE and I am pretty sure she is pregnant again. I am just worried about what will happen to the new/old litter if she does give birth again in 1.5 weeks? She cannot handle that many babies I am sure, and her 2 week olds will still need her as well! I have a 5 gal tank I was going to move the boys into at 4 weeks until they found homes but I was wondering if at two weeks I should try to help hand raise the older ones in that tank? I am not sure what to do to help Hannibal and her babies!

Also, should she be this big so early, I know it should take 2 weeks to have the babies, and if she was impregnated 3/4 days ago when she had her litter, she still has a little while to go but she looks almost ready to pop. Could this be milk?

I appreciate any advice possible! Thank you!!!
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Also if anyone is looking for some cute fancy mice in a few weeks or has suggestions to where a good place to take the babies where they have a chance for a long happy life, please let me know! I am in the Doylestown PA area!

Opened the nest today and about 7 were dead. Only two living. I didnt see any blood or nite marks on the mice, she had just buried them and pushed them away from the live two. I don't think she killed them but I wonder if something is wrong??? Shes still HUGE the size of a golf ball and idk if she has no milk maybe or isnt doing something right??? help!
She may have just let them go cold and hungry.. Mother mice know when they have too many babies at once and will sometimes let them die/kill them. It's for the best of her and her other youngins. If you're concerned about her still being huge, take her to a vet. If a baby is stuck, she will die.

For the most part, though, mice can take care of themselves and just want us humans to stay out of the way :) Things we find odd or scary are usually normal.
Almost forgot; you can actually check for milk. If she will let you touch the babies, look at the bellies of a couple to see if their stomachs are full and white. Of course, don't mess around in her nest too much. That'll stress mom and might trigger her to kill off her litter.
Thank you!! The 1st litter has passed on but she has shrink in size and has birthed her new litter, from what I can see they look all alive but there is so
Some blood and she shouldn't have had them yet so they might be premature. My biggest concern was her safety bc I think the blood was from birth but she is eating well and running around. So I think she's alright, in 3 days I will officially check back on the litter!
Hannibal now looks like a healthy mouse again when I feed her and she seems to have come to term with the fact that though I M a human, huge,and scary, I am not out to hurt her. From what I can see, even though I accidentislly disturbed the nest and new litter before I knew they were born, she did not kill them! So yay! I am trying to keep the lights off and keep my room as calm as possible. Hann still wants nothing to do with me but she luckily isn't the type to bite she's more of a runner and I cannot wait to get to really know her and the babies! Hopefully they are as colorful as her! I also hope there are not any complications because they were premature! She seems to be a loving mom!
Till alive and look healthy! They are still premature and growing much slower than average but she's being a wonderful mom! She still hates when I life her igloo and check them out but she's getting better! I have to go on vcay for a week and have to miss them growing! I come back on day 20, and have someone feeding them all!
Are you sure the first set of babies were really hers? Female mice will help other female tank mates raise their babies, so even if you saw her with the babies in the pet store tank that doesn't 100% guarantee that they were hers. That would kind of explain why the first set of babies died, and why she had another litter so soon after what you thought was the first.

Either way, good luck with the new babies!
Thanks! I don't know for sure, that's a great point! She seemed to be the only female caring for the babies but there could have been another mom. These new babies are super slow developing but seem to be healthy! Hopefully these guys all make it!

Hope these work! Sorry for the shotty quality
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Thats Hannibal and the litter at about 6 days old, they seem to be growing well!
Thanks! I have been able to hold a few now and they seem to be lively, trying to crawl away and jump off. I am very carful and hold them in the cage, but its good to see them active! Hannibal's also starting to accept cherrios from my hand, which she wouldn't even approach before, so all in all, everything is shaping up nicely!
Here's a few updated, better pictures of Hannibal and the babies! There is: 1 all tan, 2 tan and whites, 2 all blacks, 1 black with white, 2 white with black, and 1 sable with a black muzzle.
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