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HELP!!...sick or just old degu??

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Help! I do not know if my degu, Baby Girl is really sick or just has become very old. I warn you she is five yrs old, with cataracts and diabetes. I do notice though lately, she has lost some weight, but from what I read online, and in a book, it's normal because she is older and has diabetes. She also wants to sleep constantly, and cuddles with me ALL the time. Not that I do not mind, but it isn't really that normal for a degu to want to chill outside of the cage and just sleep for an hour with her owner? Not only all of this, but I have a heater that she just sits in front of and sleeps. Also, something I am a bit worried about is she has been itching her ear for a while now. I thought it might be mites from the new hay I had been feeding her, but first, none of my other degus got it. And when I tried treating ear mites it did not work. So please help me!! If it comes down to it I will take her to the vet, I just do not have time, being in college and working. So when the vets are open I am unable to. Just tell me if anyone else has experienced this? Is she just really old or could she really be sick with something else besides diabetes?? Thank you!!
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She needs to see a vet asap,even if its an emergency night vet.
i wish there were emergency night vets in my area for small animals. it was hard enough finding a vet for them during the day. unfortunately not that many vets know what to do with animals that are smaller than cats

p.s. how did you make your signature that way?
Go under users cp to add one n I used nicpic or photobucket to create one
Sorry I'm just getting to this now, I've been busy with finals. How is she doing? I would get her to a vet asap.
i have made a new thread on her update. i treated her ear scratching, but i am now 99% sure it is her old age. she even has grey hair on her nose, which apparently degus don't visibly change when they get old...weird. but anyways you can read my update! thanks to you two.
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