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Hello everyone!

So, I took a picture of my snail's shell and a water sample to petco and while the woman was able to tell me there was too much nitrates in the water, she could not tell me what going going on with his shell.

He is the only one in the 1.5 gallon tank. I change 20% of his water every 2 weeks, I vacuum the gravel and I change the filter. I feed him half an algae disk every other day. I did all that when I came home from the pet store.

The thing on his shell started out as a med. brown line about an inch long. This was two weeks ago. As time has gone on, the spot has turned into a white scaly thing. Like if your finger separated. That's what it reminds me of.

Also, I've noticed that there has been this weird film growing on the plants and even on the snail, too. It grows in long wispy cobweb-like trails that point up to the top of the tank.

Despite this thing on his back, he seems to be doing alright. He has grown like crazy the last few weeks. His antennas are easily 5 inches across. He has no trouble climbing up the sides of the tank, he even manages to get up into the plants.

His little breather tube does come out and up to the top of the tank sometimes...

He also does this weird dry heave thing.. but he has always done that. His face/head area puffs real big then releases and puffs and releases...

So, do any of you know what the shell thing is? Is it a fungus? What can I do about it?

For the heck of it, if anyone knows... is the dry heave thing normal?

Thank you very much,
Nicole Boylan

(I tried to attach a copy of the photo of the snail's shell, but this program will not allow me because I am too new. I can email it to you though if it will help.)
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