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Very sorry for disturbing you.

My name is Leonid, I am 66 years old and am living with my old wife (62 years old) in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. Our country is very poor land, total income of our family is about 190 US dollars per month. We have no children who could help us. A cat lives together with us. We love it very much. It is like a member of family for us and will live with us till our death. But to our regret it is very ravenous and so we spend about 60 US dollars per month to sate this “little monster”. Food expenditures for our cat make great damage to our family budget but we have no possibility to find additional sources of income. So we ask all pet lovers to help us to feed our cat Timofey (that’s its name) by sending us canned cat meat or dry food for cats. Our address is:

Leonid Malinin,
V. Alecsandri str., 65, ap.3,
city of Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
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