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Help with baby Degu

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I bought two male Degus about 5 months ago. Unfortunately one died and the other was left on his own.
Yesterday I got a six week old male pup and have begun the introduction process, however, I am not quite sure on how much food the six week old should be eating. The food I am using is beaphar xtra vital degu. :)
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What I did for mine was give them 1/4 cup and see if it was enough for them but since mine are still with other ones I give mine a bowl and fill that. But since you have only two you would use 1/4 cup or 1/3 cup
A six week old doesn't need to have pellets limited so you can just keep the bowl full :).
I agree with Sasami (Stephanie). Six-week olds need alot of food so give them as much as they'll eat.
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