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Help with Chinchilla. please

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so we bought two chinchilla's (we havent had them for 3 months yet) one male one female. Everything seemed fine they looked like they were getting along great till one day we come home and the female gave birth to a baby ( its a week old). So we are thinking one its not the males baby and it was pregnant when we got it. So when we saw the baby we read up online that we needed to separate the male and female for least 5 days ( we did that ) we put them back together and hoping everything would be good but later on today i see the female chasing the male and looks like shes trying to fight him. Is this normal after birthday, should we separate them again? Im hoping they will get along but not sure what to do. Anyone have ideas?
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you should keep them seprate back to back breeding isnt good for the female
For how long? He's very scared of everything. He doesnt get next. Before we got him he was in a fight and had bit marks on his ears so they breeder said every since then hes always been scared of everything and all the other chinchillas. It looks like shes always attacking him.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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