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I have a rabbit who doesn't like carrots - you'll have to experiment with her to see what she likes and what she doesn't like. 7 weeks is very young though, be careful you don't feed her too many new foods too soon. The House Rabbit Society doesn't recommend that you introduce veggies at all until rabbits are 12 weeks old. Rabbits can have sensitive GI systems and you don't want to make her sick.

Most rabbits aren't the kind of rabbits who love to be held and cuddled. Most rabbits don't enjoy being picked up.

You haven't had her for long. You have to give her some more time. It's normal for rabbits to not immediately love someone. You have to give them time and earn their trust first. With one of my rabbits, he was neglected before I got him, it took him over a year just to feel comfortable enough with me that he would take treats out of my hand. Some rabbits will come around sooner than others, depending on their personalities and their past, but this is not something you can rush.

As for helping to form a bond with her - sit down with her and talk to her gently. Don't go after her, wait until she comes to you. Take things on her terms.
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