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4 months ago, I was in the same spot you were. I'm new to bunnies, had done my research, and my bunny just seemed to "hate" me, even though the people at the shelter said he was a sweetie.
AND Cheeto is neutered and was hand-raised at his shelter (his mom was surrendered pregnant.) He still acted the way your rabbit did.
I was heart broken because I loved him so much already, and after three weeks, he still hadn't come around.
I thought I was stuck with an evil rabbit.
Mind you, it takes a TON of patience; you need to devote hours at a time to just talk to your bunny, then start putting your hand in front of her to see what she thinks, if she runs away, respect that and go back to talking. Once she seems mildly comfortable, lay on the ground and wait. Seriously, it could take hours, but be patient. She WILL come to you, rabbits are naturally curious.
4 months of doing that, Cheeto is now letting me pet him and he likes to run around my feet; he's still not 100%, some things make him nervous, but he seems to be getting better everyday. You have to understand that you may not get a rabbit that is always be what you want; Cheeto will run away flicking his feet when he's in a mood, and won't talk to me for days randomly--so you just gotta love the bun you have.
Just hangout with your new buddy, you'll learn a lot about her, and she will learn that you're not going to eat her. =)
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