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I am the caregiver to 2 female prairie dog pups that are approximately 8-10 weeks in age. They are owned by a pilot that is gone 25% of the time and the rest of the time they spend in my home. I know bonding is super important and I try to insure they get lots of attention!

However, we have had major issues in figuring out how to properly care for them. The breeder gave the owner suggestions on how they need cared for and it has caused major issues.

It was suggested that the can have pup pellet, a handful of grass from the yard, baby food as a treat, and no water. This has not been working well and they had gotten very thin.

I took them to the vet today and he confirmed what I was thinking.. Their diet wasn't appropriate!

They are now being offered water, fresh timothy hay, fresh greens, and some pup pellet feed. He did say they can have fresh grass from the yard but that their diet should not be primarily that.

Now my big concern is that they seem to sleep a lot! I assume this is because they weren't being fed previously? If so how soon should they start to be more active?

How much should the two pups be eating between the two of them?

I've read so much about prairie dogs and I can't wait for them to be playful! Right now every time I take them out of their cage all they want to do is burrow down and sleep. They also haven't been "talking" much =(

Thanks in advance!

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Our Prairie dog is now 11 years old. She has been on a steady diet of high protein rabbit pellets and a piece of sweet potato. Also they love mullet seeds that can be bought t all pet stores.
Please stay away from salty nuts....
Good Luck.
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