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To start,I am new (just joined today) and I am very much worried about two of my leos. :( One problem arose today, and one yesterday... Imagine that, eh? D: Today I bought two baby leos (from the same place) , relatively the same size, not too far apart that it would cause problems, but of course as a new mommy I am wary about them together. So far no problems with that, so that's not the issue. In the pet store, the albino (Diana) had her eyes open quite wide and was happy. Same when we were bringing her home... Unfortunately, when I put her in her new tank, this was not the case. Her eyes are only open enough so that she can barely see, because she does run into things a little... She's still happy though, just a little nervous about being in her new home.
Is this because of stress?

My second concern is with my sub-adult, Boadicea. She has a bit of a swelling on left "hand", and I'm THINKING it's an abscess. Also, I JUST noticed that she has an even smaller (barely noticeable) one on her right back "hand". I'm worried about my two leos! :( I am probably taking them to the vet tomorrow after school...

Please, if you have any input or shared experiences, please post.
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