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Is there anywhere i can adopt a glider in the uk, north west really, i just want one x
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Sugar gliders are social animals -- if you only want one pet you should pick a species that isn't social.
Agreed - it's not a good idea to just get one. They can become very depressed, even to the point where they will self mutilate, which can sometimes lead to death.

Sugar gliders are a highly social species. Either think about getting two of them, or research other types of pets if you're set on having a single animal.
i was going to get two when i know where to get them...
But your first post said you just wanted one.
lol i didnt mean i want one sugar glider, i meant i want to know where to get them, i want two, id have 7 if i could :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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