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My dwarf hamster was just on the side of her cage, and i noticed some black dots all over her stomach. im not sure if its her natural fur or if its her skin, or if its something else. but shes been chewing on her bars and now the black blotches on her stomach.. is she sick? does anyone have any advice on what it is, or what i should do? :(
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Hello. Can you take a picture and upload it so we can see? Is it possible that the black dots are what she chewed off? Say, black paint that was once on the bar?

In any case, pictures are most helpful. Also, tell us a little about her age, diet, bedding and cage.
i looked at it closer and found out that it was just her fur color, so its all okay! thank you though for wanting to help in case it was something bad!
No worries! Glad she's well!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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