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i have 3 cats that i have had for 4 years now. two of them are brother and sister and the other is a calico. they have all lived in peace and harmony with no trouble what so ever. about 3 weeks ago my calico all of a sudden just could not be around my male cat. my calico would immediately start viciously attacking him as soon as she saw him. he was neutered approx 3 years ago, while both females remained un-spayed. she would attack him till he was bleeding and pee-ing himself as he was running away. while this was going on our other female would join in and end up fighting as well. i called the vet and she told me i would need to get my calico spayed and that would solve the problem. it didn't help, and now she even attacks the other female. she just fights and fights. we have had her separated from them going on 3 weeks now. we have tried the feliway, the hormone collars, bathing all 3 cats, and reintroducing her to the others with no avail. she acts completely normal when she is alone. she shows no signs of distress or anger. please help me anyone, hoping to resolve this issue because of our relationship with her. she is my partner and follows me around everywhere.
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Start by getting the other female spayed, too. will have to give it time. It takes time for all the hormones to leave the body.

Once all cats are spayed and neutered, treat her like a new cat, and reintroduce her to the household in a gradual way, using scent exchanges, (rubbing things that smells like you on each animal so they all smell like one another) and limited face to face contact.

Make sure you have enough litter boxes (four, for three cats) and enough elevated space so all the cats can be perched somewhere up high at any given moment.

Oh, one more thing you can try, once the final cat has been de-sexed. Some people swear by the Vanilla trick. this is putting a dot of vanilla (cooking vanilla NOT perfume) on the nose, chin and root of tail of every cat. This makes all the cats smell the same to one another, levels the playing field.

But the very first thing to do is to spay the third cat. :)
Good tips Somebody. Also consider a sudden change of behavior is due to health issue, let your vet take a closer look at her.
a vet check is a great idea, as well a spay, she could also be acting out if there is other animals outside (other cats ect) near ur house. spaying is definetly the best option and vet check all of them.
thank you for the advice. she has already been spayed. unfortunately we are looking at having to get rid of her. its been weeks now and nothing has changed. the vet has offered us a type of feline zannex to try. however this would be a permanent change and the cost is unknown as it is only made for puppies and has to be compounded down for cat use. im getting another visit in with the vet to make sure there is nothing health related wrong with her. this has become very stressful as my wife and i are expecting a baby girl in less than 2 months. she is done and just wants us to get rid of her, but our calico is the one i have the closest bond with and i want to try everything to keep her.
ps, our calico fights at the sight of our other cats. there is no sniffing or stalking, she just goes straight after them.
You didn't mention if you reintroduced her into the household? Acting as if she's a completely new cat is definitely the way to go. Doing towel-scent exchanges, vanilla, feliway etc.

How many litter boxes do you have? Where are they located?

How many hide-outs, trees, windows ledges?

Do they go outside or are they only inside?

You may want to prevent the calico from looking out windows, just in case she's redirecting aggression or frustration. If they go outside then prevent them from doing so. The different smells can ruin all of your introduction efforts.
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