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My toy poodle puppy is eleven weeks old on Thursday. We have been trying to potty train him. He knows that he needs to go outside but doesn't fully understand on how to let us know. We are attempting to have him scratch the glass to the screen door which he'll do about 25% of the time. Right now, he started to go poop inside the house and immediately looked at my guiltily. One tiny turd came out when I grabbed him and took him outside. He refuses to go. He is whimpering and is trying to climb up my leg. I took him back inside. He is whimpering and sniffing around. Therefore, I took him back outside. I've done this for the past hour. He seems like he needs to go but just won't go. Instead, he's just crying and whimpering. What do I do? I'd be happy if he just went inside the house at the point, because he is whimpering so much. Please help!
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puppies take a long time to train and you need a lot of patience, it could be his stomach isnt agreeing with his new food ect, give it time give him lots oh postive loving when he does go outside.

Pick up the poopies and take it outside and put it where you want it. Then let him smell around and say "Outside". Good boy or girl. They only want to please you. The puppy is probably confused. I don't make a big deal about the accidents but I sure do praise praise praise when they get it right. 15 min after eating and every two hours. Until they know where to go you can't expect them to let you know. Need to make the trip with them for a month or so until they get it.
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