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Okay, so one of the kids was playing with Coffee and let him go on the ground in the storage room.

He ran underneath some of the boxes and behind a dresser and I have spent the last two hours TEARING this room apart.

Like, everything is out of its spot and boxes are everywhere and I don't know what to do because I can't find this baby anywhere.

I've given up, now I'm just sitting here with Rue and crying.

My poor baby.

Any tips on how to get Coffee back? I haven't seen him in over an hour. I saw him a few hours ago, but only a glimpse.
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Oh no.

The first thing I would think of would be to set out a long box of some kind that is long enough for Coffee to run into and set some of his favorite treat/food inside the box and hopefully he will smell it and come running into the box to get the food, then you can just pick the box up and you have him. Sort of a humane rat trap, if you will. But of course, you need to be there watching for when and if he comes running.

Do you have a special noise you make when you are calling Coffee to come and get a snack? I always make a "tch tch tch" noise and my boys know instantly to come running as they know I have a treat or snack for them.

You could also have a large blanket on hand while you are looking for him so if he runs out into the main area of the room, you can throw the blanket over him and that should help to sort of wrangle him up off the floor.

Just trying to think of some things you could do. I hope you find him and that he did not find a crawl space in the wall or something. :(
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P.S. Would you be able to put his cage down there with the front door open? Many times a rat will want to come back to his home for food and water (and generally just because it is their safe place that they know). You could also do that and keep a look out in case he runs right back into his ratty house.
Ack, I got a dog kennel and put some bedding and food in there. I even put chicken based wet dog food in there, along with a little igloo for him to sleep in.

I can't leave the cage on the ground because Rue has been getting more and more adventurous and likes to scuttle out of the cage sometimes.

I've tried thinking of ways to compromise with the cage and have it left on the ground for Coffee to return to, I even considered having Rue sleeping with me on my bed tonight so that the cage could be left on the ground. I didn't want to take any chances with losing Rue too though so I just kept him in the cage.

afjdsalfkdj I'm so anxious.

I can't stay up all night and keep watch for him though, I've got to get some rest because I'm working tomorrow and it's almost 3AM. I'm just hoping that with the dog kennel Coffee might decide that he likes the kennel a lot and might even fancy having a nap in the igloo in there (his favorite nap time spot) until I wake up.
If Coffee doesn't come use a blanket to seal the opening under the door with a blanket and wait a few days before putting food in the millde of the floor. you have to watch the food though. Have a box on hand to put over him.
Yep, it looks like you have done the best you can do to keep some things out for him if he comes back. At least you have made a tempting safe haven for him that should look appealing. Good luck and keep us updated, okay?
I woke up this morning to check the kennel, no sign of Coffee at all. Everything was untouched.

My grandfather keeps on saying that he's gone for good. x.x I refuse to believe him.
Put bedding from the cage in the dog crate (if that's what you're using) so it smells like Coffee and is therefore a safe place for her to retreat to.

Another trick is to sprinkle flour on the floor overnight. You'll see little foot prints which may give away her hiding place. Search at dawn and dusk when she's most active and apt to be awake and make sounds.
Here's a link to tips for finding a lost rat:
Great tips from Storyseeker and don't give up hope. The flour sprinkling may very well show that Coffee is still hanging around, if you see little footprints. I hope Coffee is okay. :(
He's gone.

I took everything out of the storage room until the room was completely empty.

He got out of the storage room last night and probably got underneath the house through a hole or something. There's rat poison underneath the house because we live on a farm and rats are constantly ruining crops and the house.

But he's gone.

I don't know what to do now.
Not to mention there's two cats here, both who constantly hunt wild mice and rats.
I'm so very sorry about this. This is very sad. Was Coffee a baby? So, your son was playing with Coffee, and was your son alone/unsupervised with Coffee or were you nearby? Did you ever see where/what direction Coffee ran? Not sure how old your son is, so I wasn't sure what the situation was.

Little kids left alone snf unsupervised with any animal is so very risky and not advisable (not trying to make you feel bad, promise! I know you probably are already miserable about this. :(
Coffee was six weeks old. My brother came over and my grandma made me let him hold him. I turned away for a split second and I heard a yell and I turned around and Coffee had squirmed out of my brothers hands and ran underneath the bed. I tried to get him back but I couldn't.

I'm feeling so horrible right now. Coffee didn't deserve to have such a short life. He should've lived to be old and happy.
Halogen, I am SO very very sorry about this. I am still hoping against hope that Coffee is still around and somehow he will make it through and you will see him wandering around soon. I really do. So young, you are right. He does deserve a long and happy life. I will still keep my fingers crossed and hope very much that maybe by some miracle he did not get any of that rat poison. :worry:
Does Grandma feel bad that she made you let your little brother hold an unsocialized baby rat and then lose him?

If you have cats that hunt, you are going to have to be VERY careful what room you hold and let your rats run around in. No walking around the house with them just in case.
Ohmygosh Everyone Great News Great Great Great News.

We Just Found Coffee.

He's Alive And Healthy And Safe And Jafldjaklfjda I'm So Excited Sorry For All The Yelling But Aljfdlkjsfakdlsa
whoa that didn't work out. It was all caps before but jlajfkldsajfkl whateves.
He was in the storage room! My step grandmother was cleaning it out and spotted him, so I ran over and grabbed him before he ran away again.
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