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Helpbad rabbit behavior

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So I'm just having some general behavior issues with my bunny.
Background: I've had him since July of 2011. I got him as a baby. He is neutered. He has a large two story cage but because of my current living situation and the hours I'm actually home he doesn't get out to romp much, but I *try* to let him out for at least an hour every day.

The issues: He can be a bit naughty and occasionally aggressive. My roommates and I will often sit quietly on the floor reading when he is out and he will come up to us and "dig" at us and then sometimes nip (hard enough to hurt). I'm not sure what the reasoning is for this and I'm wondering how to discourage it.

He's a fairly independent rabbit and isn't *too* bad about chewing on stuff and he is mostly litter trained, but I get very frustrated with him sometimes.

I would like him to be cuddly and friendly and feel relaxed, and I know I can't change his personality, but what's the best way to help with this as a goal?

Thank you so much for your knowledge and help.
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By digging and nipping he is telling you he wants attention. The easiest way to discourage escalation is to respond only to light taps (with scritches) and to the painful stuff with a violent leg twitch. Don't hit your rabbit, but the sudden movement will startle him and he'll back off for a bit.

Rabbit's need at least two-four hours of out-of-cage time. Could you set up a pen for him to race around in? A cage without space isn't really a good substitute for exercise.

Bunnies usually aren't that cuddly and sometimes not friendly either. For my Hammurabi I usually give him a detailed rub/pet/scritch session and always give him a pet when he asks for attention. This teaches him that I bring good things and he'll want to be near me more.

Hope I helped ^^
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