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I'm a huge animal lover, and I originally came here while looking for a place to be able to ask questions about more exotic animals (such as my degus, which there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information on), but I would also love to be able to talk about all of my babies.

I have:

A dog named Ulysses, who I believe to be a corgi/collie mix. He's two years old.

Two het caramel ball pythons named Crowley and Jezebel who are only about three months old.

Two degus named Amy and Rory that I only recently got from someone who didn't want them anymore.

Three mice named Victor, Harley, and Selena who are feeder breeders, and are treated as pets (as are their children, but they don't get names or else I'll end up with an army of mice and hungry snakes, lol). The closest pet store is an hour away from me and I share a freezer with someone who flat out refuses that I keep frozen mice in there. I understand that some people have issues with feeding live mice, and I'll be respectful of that, but I would hope that my situation and decision about my mice can be understood and respected, as well. I'm only making this clear now, in my first post, because I've seen arguments get very nasty over this topic before, and I really don't want to get involved in that sort of thing.

Anyway, that's my introduction :)

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Welcome to Paw-Talk! I have a ball python too, they're nice snakes.

I don't have any problems with people raising mice for snakes but I hope these mice will at least be pre-killed for your snake's safety. I have seen MANY ball pythons with injuries and scarring from their "food".
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