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Hey Scrapbookers!

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free alphaduet stickers and accents - scroll down to the bottom:)
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You're supposed to be scanning pictures - not looking for freebies on the 'net! You know I ordered some - now guess where I'll put them!!:D

I've slept most of the day while the housekeeper was here. It was nice - she worked in the living room area so I took that nasty little dog of mine and went to bed!

Sorry about the allergies - mine are acting up too since she's been here cleaning.

Critter :paw:
Christi thanks for posting those! I was wondering if you started your wedding scrapbook? I mean, soon you are going to find out the babies sex and I am going to be mailing you some blue papers and stickers and you will have gone no where! Jump into it!
thanks also for posting this link. I bought a baby scrapbook idea book the other day. I think I might begin by scrapbooking a picture of our apt., the ultrasounds, and a picture of the obstetrician. These are all ideas I got from the book. Of course I had already thought of scrapbooking the ultrasound pictures.
I don't have a scrapbook for Zoe, but I do have a photo of the hospital where she was born in the front of the album. . . .

And Punx, don't be too quick on that blue paper! I'm holding out for a girl that I can be a surrogate g'mother to!!

Critter :paw:
Critter, i would be Capn' *bows* Pleased to meet you, and I am waiting to buy the paper, I had to send LizGirl all unbiased stickers it was hard!
Actually I haven't even bought a scrapbook... no moolah!!
Hey Christi, is there a way to make these guys an affiliate. Their web page is <>. I want to order some of their letters, but I have to wait. It would be so cool if they were an affiliate and some of what I spent went back to Paw-Talk.
I'll look into it! THANK YOU!
My dearest Capn - PHHHHHHHTTTTTTT!!!

Extra chores if you can't be nice!


Critter :paw:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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