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Hi All....

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I've been trying to think of a way to start this entry and haven't came up with anything interesting so here it is. LOL Okay I wrote that things didn't go well with Gypsy ( I have visiting rights to see her anytime I want, and I go and see her often). And to everyone's amazement Cowboy didn't go well either. I'm not experienced with TB's at all. I have never had one nor been around one. So I'm not sure if what he was doing were typical TB's behavior or if he literally had some mental issues. He was GREAT for the longest time and then it was like he honestly went crazy. He would rear and Buck and just act up to his full potential. I had the vet out and she said that he was as healthy as an ox ( And as strong as one. The vet had to sedate him just to examining him.) He wouldn't trailer and when he did, he was a totlly different horse. He had a horse thearapist (Spelling). And she couldn't find a thing wrong with him. After several weeks of trying to "help" him, I just couldn't do it anymore. He was Way to much for me or anyone here to handle. He became pretty aggresive as well and they said probally the best thing for me and him was to give him to a rehab center. I keep in contact and even there he hasn't gotten over his issues and no ones sure what's up with him. I just thought I would update yall on that. I have found a new horse and I have had her for about one month now and she is definetly right for me and our family. She is a Great, sane mare and she is perfect for us.

She is a Spotted Draft/ Gypsy Vanner cross. She is a 3 yr old, will be 4 on June 15. Is 15.2 hh Beautiful! She is in foal to a Imported Gypsy Vanner Stallion and is due the end of June. I had her broght to me all the way from Colorado! lol

She was on the trailer for 4 days and when the hauler pulled in I about to bust with excitment lol My mom was standing on the front porch (due to her cancer she can't be to close to the horses) But the hauler had a great sense of humor.. He had a preg mini on the very back and my mare was in the middle so he had to take the mini off first and when he brought her off he told my mom that was my horse and she was like "I think they forgot the rest of her, Megan you better ask for a refund" lol She was joking of course but it was hilarious.. lol

I have pics of her from last month. I need to take some more because she is Extremely Preg. now lol Her belly is HUGE

Oh she isn't broke to ride or anything but lead but I had it approved with the vet that I could start her training lightly.. I have been lunging her and I put the Saddle on her this past weekend and She was Perfect.. Acted like a Perfect angel like usual. She has become the farm fav. Now that she is showing (in her Preg.) The kids (and I) have spoiled her rotten.. lol She loves all the attention she has been getting. I don't know what she is going to do when the baby comes and she has to "Share" her "People" lol We have been working on Bowing and she definetly knows how to give kisses. She is My horse by far though.. It's funny if all of us walk up to the fence to rub her I'm the first one she comes to lol

Oh and her name is Soda Pop. Her Dam's name was Lolli Pop and I'm not sure about her Sire (I'm still waiting for her papers to come in the mail)

But here are her last month's pics and I will be getting some new ones. hehe

These are pics from the day she came before her hair cut. lol

"I want a Kiss"

And this is my Fave pic.. The lil girl is my 11 yr old Sister...

Baby Belly

And another Baby belly

And these were taken a couple days later after her hair cut

"Big Shake"

Hope you enjoy the pics.. Let me know what you think of her.​
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OH wow she is beautiful :)
Your very lucky and i cannot wait to see more pics and also get baby pics when the baby arrives :) x
You are so funny! You change horses faster than I can keep up with you. I am so sorry that the horses before didn't work out for you. I know that must have been a huge disappointment for you. Soda is beautiful. What made you decide to get another horse that is not trained? Are you a trainer? I don't know how to train horses. You must have a wonderful tallent. :eek:) I want a horse that I can ride as soon as possible. There are always the "getting to know you" times when you first buy a horse that take awhile before you can ride after you first purchase, and I am still going through that with Sky, but to have to wait and train one, would drive me bananas! LOL You must be a very patient person. I wanted to go and ride this weekend, got a new saddle pad for my english saddle too and then my inlaws showed up. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm ever going to get to ride! Oh, and yes, I did finally get to ride my english saddle with Sky, just the one time and I LOVED it. She is a natural and the saddle felt great. I think English is definitely going to be for me. I felt so in tune and connected with the horse, it was great. Can't wait to get back on! When is your new horse's baby due? I can't wait to hear more about her. She sure is a pretty girl.
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LOL Charlene.... I buy most of my horses due to their situations (Like Gypsy was VERY thin and wasn't taken care of at all) But with Cowboy, he was a perfect match and then he went crazy lol So Yeah I do change horses a lot lol... I think I have finally found the one I will keep forever ! lol I love her bits. Her baby is due at the middle of June or end of June. Their not entirely sure. But for some reason the vet thinks she's going to have a Filly hehe I hope so.. Well I don't care what gender it really is as long as it's healthy. I have been training horses for as long as I can remember and I believe I have gotten pretty good at it. I have an older Paint mare that I ride when I have a horse that I am training. I always have one that's ridable lol. I have had my other mare since she was 6 yrs old and she just turned 14 last month so she was a PERFECT match for me hehe I've been offered thousands of Dollars for her and I would never consider selling her hehe So I do keep them when they fit in lol
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Aww so sweet!
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