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My name is Jessica and I adopted my first hedgehog on friday! I finally found a name for her this morning! Luna. She is so wonderful. Within seconds of holding her for the first time she had started to self anoint, the place i bought her from said that they have never had one of their hedgies do that before! She still gets very scared easily but its only beena few days.

I really want to buy her some toys and things. What do you guys use? Is there an actual hedgehog online store that has awesome stuff?

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Hey there :) every hedgehog is different in terms of toys and whatnot. But above all, they love a spot to hide in. You should buy/make/find something that she can hide in or under, BUT also enable yourself to easily remove her from that spot when you want or need to get her.

Hedgehogs love to hide, and they will hide all day away from you if given a chance. We should allow them to hide because it is part of their natural instincts and behavior, but letting them hide without being able to get to them decreases their willingness to be social with you.

Some want something simple like a small cloth that they can burrow under. I bought my girl Izzie a chewable log from the pet store, she loves to chill in there, but the log is open at both ends, and she is easily removed. Izzie also has a small box lid that she can burrow under, but when I want to get her out, all I have to do is lift the lid.

Many hedgehogs love to push things, or pull by grabbing them with their teeth. They might play with a ball, or a toy car or truck that they can roll around.

If you have a large enough house for your hedgie, you can put lots of things in there. They do, however require space to move about, and a wheel. Be careful to buy a wheel that will be large enough for her once she is full grown. Young hedgehogs can fit into wheels for large hamsters, but grow up, and will need a chinchilla-sized wheel.

Make sure the wheel is a solid surface wheel, NOT bars. Hedgehogs can and will injure themselves using any barred wheel.

I would also like to just warn you about food- commercial hedgehog food is generally NOT the best idea. I highy recommend:

Protein- kitten food that is high in crude protein, but as low as you can get it in crude fat. **The food should not be shaped like a peanut, it can get stuck in the roof of a hhog's mouth and can cause suffocation or choking**
For protein you can also cook unseasoned meats like chicken, turkey, steak occasionally.. they must be fully cooked, and chopped into very small bits.
Hhogs love mealworms for protein, but since the worms are also high in fat, they should be used as treats only- 1-3 a day, max.
Finally, for protein, once a week treat your hhog to a half boiled egg.. many love this treat- cut it up so she can eat with no trouble.

Fiber- You must include fiber into your hog's diet if you choose cat food as the main source of protein. This includes fruits and vegetables. Try out different ones to see what your hog likes! Mine, unfortuntely rejected anything I ever offered her, so I ended up having to buy special cat food high in fiber to substitute.
Many people use:
grapes (many people say do not feed grapes)
cut banana and other fruits

In all, you must feed hhogs protein that is not that high in fat, and enough fiber to balance her diet, otherwise she will gain weight and acquire other symptoms.

Never ever feed a hog human food other than fresh produce. Anything including fruits and veggies that are packaged, preserved, seasoned or anything other than fresh from the market, is not okay for hogs. Never, ever feed them nuts or anything that is in the shape of a peanut (no beans, be careful with corn)..

any other questions, I seem to be one of the few hog people active on the site.
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