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HI :)

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I came here because on this forum i can discuss all my pets openly :) i usually visit specialty forums. Its time to introduce my babies :) I have three syrian hamsters a banded cinnamon , mink or golden ( even the best cant decide on her colors) , Soki , My Cinnamon umbrous , and Sadi my little dove girl :) I also have Spots my 12 year old kissing gourami, and Hinoko my betta :) Everyone gets lots of love and attention and only the best foods and toys.

I hope to welcome home Three mice and an african clawed frog for my birthday. Seems like a lot but EVERYONE is cared for.
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Welcome :)
I love and miss having little hamms around :)
I LOOOOVE gourami fishies! And I'm hoping to convince my boyfriend that we need a betta around ;)
Sounds like quite a little house you have there! Can't wait to see pics (after 20 posts) :D
I cant wait to post pictures of them :) I love showing off my little ones :)
Welcome to Paw-Talk!
Time to introduce my pets :)

Sofi ( my copper banded girl mother of Sadi and Soki)

Soki my little man

Sadi ( she's camera shy)

Sadi's cage ( 468 in sofi has the same size cage Soki's is 600 sq in)

Spots ( at 12 years old)


more pictures when i bring home everyone else
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No problem :) I love showing off my pets lol.
Thanks :) I'm Thinking about starting a thread for them
Thanks :) I just got a new one
Are you on Your Betta and Spots look familiar...
No I am pn bettaparadise and ultimate betta
Hmm, I swear I have seen Spots before...
well I was on two other forums but no longer am
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