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i probably should have posted in the introduction forum first, before posting anywhere else, but better late than never! i'm brand new to this site. i only just joined today. the people of this website seem to be nice enough though, so here's a little bit about myself.

my name's emily, and i live in california. i don't think i could classify myself as a "dog or cat person" like a lot of people seem to do, i just love all kinds of animals. as a kid, i never had any. i'd catch ladybugs in the park and make them a home out of a shoebox. so for some reason, my lack of pets simply amplified my love for them. however, currently i'm the proud owner of a hamster named Chepp.

i'm not very experienced in the mannerisms of animals, or symptoms of illness, which is why i'm here on this website. i know a few things about certain animals though, and i'm willing to share whatever i know to help out anyone who needs it.

i look forward to posting on this site and hopefully getting to know some of you. :D
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