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Joachim High grams (Joachim of Gauck) Sunday (March 18), 72-year-old 991 votes in the German Federal Assembly (the total votes of 1228 votes), an overwhelming majority has been elected to the German eleventh president. Former German President Wulff Christian Wulff, Lower Saxony as a governor suspected of corruption, to resign in February this year.
It is understood that Wulff, President Köhler, Horst Köhler, 2010 after the resignation of the second term less than two years to resign, two short-lived selection of the appointment.
In mid-December last year, the the Wulff private loans storm media, causing an uproar in Germany,soccer shoes 2012, the trust and support declined sharply, eventually announced his resignation on February 17. Subsequently, the high g the ruling coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party and the opposition Social Democratic Party and the Green Party nomination for the presidential candidate of the new term.
Achim H g, Joachim Gauck, aged 72, has served as curator of the former East German secret police archives. In the 1980s,f50 soccer shoes, he actively promote the reunification of Germany, has earned the reputation. As a non-party personages, although many people he is not familiar with, but this is his second presidential nomination. In fact, he is the candidate of the opposition Social Democratic Party in the 2010 presidential election. Was Angela Merkel a clear stand, nominated members of the CDU, Lower Saxony Governor Wulff, high g unsuccessful.
Speaking, all political parties in Germany are controversial for high-g can also be understood, although his advanced age, but often For example,cheap nike soccer shoes, in the U.S. nausea; He also openly supported Germany to send troops overseas, and also claimed that in some areas too many immigrants in Germany,nike soccer shoes, German too little. Some analysts believe that he may be the most conservative president of the German history.
Wulff after the resignation of Angela Merkel and the CDU / CSU had intended before the nomination Töpfer, Minister of Environment or the German Evangelical Church President. Not only to the afternoon of February 19, a small party to participate in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party unknowingly Merkel publicly announced their support for high-g. In order to avoid the ruling coalition split,cheap soccer shoes, Merkel forced to make concessions.
High-g was elected German President Angela Merkel and their political parties in any case a blow and failed,adidas soccer shoes, Merkel will have to face a president that she did not want to. This is perhaps the biggest failure in the second term of Chancellor Angela Merkel, is an implicit confession of her own in 2010 chosen to support the Wulff was a mistake and gave her a slap in the face. bkwjz16.
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