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I never saw anything so funny in my life. Mazy cat and Queen Eva were chasing one another's Strings out in the yard.

Mazy was facing in one direction, with her length of string stretched out straight behind her. Queen Eva trotted by, going in the other direction. As she passed, Mazy pounced on Queen Eva's String. When Mazy pounced, her String moved, and Queen Eva pounced on it. Every time either cat moved, the other cat pounced. It didn't last long though.

I guess they liked the game because a little later they did a much more active version of it. They started running around the tree chasing, but they weren't chasing each other, they were each chasing the String of the other.

When the String is caught, the owner of the String would of course be stopped short. Then the other one would let it go and start running, until her String got caught. And so on.

This went on for at least two whole minutes or maybe longer while I just sat there and laughed and laughed, I laughed so hard the tears were rolling down my face.
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