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Hello, newbie to the forums.

I work at a local SPCA and have a few animals myself. I am hugely into Animal Welfare, and am working on going through to be an SPCA Animal Investigator.

I have a blog that through visits/readers partipation I raise money to donate to locate shelters, society's and rescues. I would love to have some more reader push our numbers of money raised even higher!

Let me know if anyone is interested as I am also looking for contributors or articles, blog entries.

Currently I share my home with seven cats, two dogs, a ferret, a chin, a grumpy hedghog, a mouse, some fish, some gerbils, a hamster and a salamander. (There used to be more when I was at the height of my fostering abilities). We wills apre you all the names.

I'm always interested in fostering or adopting new animals in special need.

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Welcome to PT!
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