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Horse breeds

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If you own a horse and are reading this please post your horses breed. I want to find out the most popular breed out there and maybe say why you like that breed. Thanks people! :thumbsup:
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PAINT HORSE!!! and quarter horse. The paint is mine and the quarter horse is my dads. I like paints because they are so sweet and very smart.
I don't have a horse,but LOVE friesians,gypsy vanners,clydesdales,shires,Icelandic horses and Newfoundland ponies.
I am in LOVE with PAINTS!

I am absolutely in love :adore: with PAINT HORSES! I love my two Paint mares, "Partee Time QD", - (Partee) and "Shoshines Hotsox", - (Miss). They are the loves of my life! (Besides my family!) hee hee. I love the coloring that Paints have. It separates them from the rest of the herd and you can always tell where your beautiful horse is! They are just so unique. Where my horses are boarded, there are many horses that are in a field at times. True, they are all in separate pastures, but you can always "spot" my beauties right off! They just stand right out! Can you tell I am in love or what?! :lovies:

This is my favorite picture right now of my son riding Miss. Both of my horses are 15.2 hands. Just the right size for me and my family. OOOOOOHH How I LOVE PAINT HORSES!!!

Both of my mares are the kindest, sweetest mares you could ever find. I don't know how I got so lucky. **You always need to be careful around horses, because we all have our "days".** Both of my beauties have kind hearts, but I still need to watch myself around them. I would agree with Christine, Paints are gentle, smart, and learn quickly. . . (**if they have been broken correctly!) Hee Hee.
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An Awesome Loving, Fast, Standardbred Who Rides And Drives(he used to be a sulky race horse!!!!) :) :)
Well, I have 3 Andalusians, a part bred andalusian, a welsh cob x arab, a cob x tb and a miniature.
I dont own horses, but can ride and they are great, personally I must say I adore the shire horses because they are quite obediant and always seem to have nice calm personalities, I think they are soo beautiful!!
Yes I must agree with all of you! I do like paints for their color :D
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