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D did a great job, My camera died a little after my 18&over pleasure class :(. I also wore my blue showmanship jacket and I think I would like it better if I could find some blue boots and a blue hat to match.

Halter 6 &Over Geldings, Stallions - 2nd out of 3
Halter Colors All sexes - 1st out of 3
Halter Open - 3rd out of 8
Showmanship 18&over - 1st out of 3 (didn't totally ruien our pattern like last time lol)
Showmanship Open - 1st out of 5
English Pleasure W/T 18&Over - 1st out of 6
English Pleasure 18&Over - 1st out of 5
English Pleasue Open - 1st out of 4
English Equitation W/T 18&over - 2nd out of 5
English Equitation 18&over - 1st out of 3
English Equitation Open - 1st out of 3
Hunter Hack - 1st out of 4
Hunters Cross Rail - 2nd out of 7 (got two wrong leads but got the flying changes hehe
Hunters 2'3" - 2nd out of 6 (one wrong lead and a tick >.<)
Trail W/E 18&Over - 4th out of 4 (We had to canter between some tight cones and yeah our flying changes in tight spaces need work lol)
Trail W/E Open - 5th out of 5

I also let my friend Sam show D in 17&under showmanship since we are still working with Jazzy. I also let her ride him in the English W/T Eq 17&under she got 2nd in Showmanship and I think 5th in EQ.

(post pics soon my cam isn't working for some reason >.<)
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