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House bunny going outside

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Looking for a bit of advise

Sorry if this has been covered.... If so can someone link me to the topic.

My Jamie is a year and a half old house rabbit. My parner and I are looking to move into a house with a garden and would like to move Jamie out into garden life...... He's be able to have a much bigger cage outside, a run on the grass, free reign of the garden when we're able to supervise him. Also with more space we may consider getting him a play mate in the future!!

First of all is it possible to move a house rabbit outdoors??
We intend to get him a big 2 layered hutch and I no we need to get a cover for it at night.
Im aware he may need to spend some nights indoors if it gets very cold.
Any other tips or advise for this sigtuation.

what are your thoughts of moving a house rabbit outdoors, is it a bit crue???
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I wouldnt advice making him an outdoor bunny, if you want him to spend time outside it should be supervised, as there is a lot of things that can happen example hawks can get them. but thats just my thoughts. plus he is use to being inside.
Yeah, I agree, why not have him stay as a house bunny but he can get supervised outdoor play, too? That's what I do with my rabbit :). He's free-range indoors but also goes outside in a pen or with a harness.
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