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house of many dogs

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How many dogs do you have, and what are their breeds?
What is your limit on how many dogs you feel you can responsibly handle?

I am curious if anyone else out there has 5+ indoor outdoor dogs..
If you do, how do you make it work? Any tips?

We have 5 dogs and are thinking about adding a 6th. two are small breeds under 15lbs. the other dogs are all above 60lbs. we are thinking of adding another dog, but not another large dog.. maybe like a sheltie or a corgi, or smaller border collie mix.

We live in town, there is not a limit on how many dogs are allowed. we do have a medium sized yard and it will be fenced soon! thank goodness!!!!

Luckily all the dogs get along great and they are mellow. We dont have any problems with having so many dogs but it does take extra time to give them all walks. i always have to have help where we can walk 3 or 4 at a time. the chow mix of mine has to be crated while he eats, and we cannot leave bones out either if my two males are out.
other than that we have been lucky and things have went very smoothly!

We do not feed as good of dog food as i wish we did because of the number of dogs i have to feed, but they eat pretty good stuff. I dont think anyone is suffering for attention either, they all have seemed to learned to take turns and are not jealous of each other MUCH! lol :)

since our yard in not fenced a few times a week i take them to run in a safely enclosed area too. sooo cant wait for the yard to get fenced!

it is a lot more money and a bit more work, takes more time for sure.. but i love having a house full of dogs.
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We only have 1 indoor/outdoor dog and 1 indoor/outdoor cat, but we have a yard full of other animals [6 chickens and 10 goats]. I would love to have more dogs but right now our hands are pretty full with the other critters.
My sister is much like you though. She has 6 dogs [I think?], and she pretty much does just like you. It is a little work, but she is loves it! She never gets lonely.
I love goats :) im interested in having milking goats myself..
Spyro - Chihuahua doxie mix
Loki - Chihuahua min pin mix
Luna - Chihuahua doxie and possibly JRT mix.

I thought about adding more but my babies are all raw fed. Not till I can afford more meat! LOL
i just have one little baby girl (American pit bull terrier) and she is a handful lol
I wouldn't get another dog if the 5 you already have are eating "[not] as good of dog food as i wish we did because of the number of dogs i have to feed"

This indicates that there is problems with nutrition perhaps. If you feel they should be eating a better food, then forgo getting another dog who would have to eat a low quality food and save your money to get some better food for the 5 you have.
I have one, messi cocker schnauzer mix, and a bird and that is enough for me. But i work at the shelter and honestly that is enough for me. I come home and am glad i only have one little mouth to feed and snuggle.
Now we have two mix mongrel Lou and Choco, both indoor and outdoor dogs.
threemuttcorp: I was hesitant when we first started raising goats, but several years later I can say I am very happy we made this decision. They a fairly easy to raise, not high maintenance, and so darn cute and loveable, especialy the babies!
I can only deal with two golden retrievers... I don't know how I could possibly stay on top of more than that, between their rambunctiousness and their shedding, two is enough!!!
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