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We are looking for a new home for our female degu. We are located in Houston, TX and are looking for someone nearish, around Texas, to adopt her to.

She's getting older, she's around 4 years old and is still very adventurous. Her sister recently escaped and died in an accident. We were devastated and decided to see how she did alone. We've had her for a few months now alone and see seems pretty lonely. As social creatures, we've been trying to find a new home for her where she can be with other degus again. We've had her since she was a baby and she is very friendly. She doesn't mind being held and is very sociable. She was never the dominate degu, so we hope she could adapt to a new degu family.

We've got a large ferret cage we are willing to give away with her (30"wide x 18"deep x 59"tall) as well as her toys and wheels. Our only stipulation is that we want her to go to a good home with someone that knows about degus already and preferably has another female for her to live with. We are willing to test a new home out also to make sure they are compatible.
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