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how do i give baytril to butler?

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on thursday i took butler to the vet (my first time :tonguerol )
every body there was really nice especially the vet that treated butler. how ever butler was diagnosed with myco :(
and put her on two doses of baytril and vibravet a day, and it has been really really really hard for me to give it to her.

i have tried mixing it with apple sauce and yoghert and she only ever has half of it

i neeeeeeeed help!
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My secret ingredient is snow cone flavoring. I take about 1/2 medicine and 1/2 of cherry or grape flavored snow cone flavor (you can usually get it at the grocery store this time of year) and they love it!
ok sounds good lol
Ensure works well too but you have to make sure that the antibiotics don't react with the dairy (I believe it's the Vitamin D but I could be wrong) Sometimes I find it easier to put it in a bowl but you have to make sure that the rat takes it ALL. Rats are like humans in that they will build tolerance up against antibiotics.
We had to give one of our boys Baytril and we tried everything but he just wouldn't have it at all.

I don't blame him tho someone on the rat forum my mum went on told her it tastes disgusting. How this woman knew that I hate to even guess at! lol!

Good luck with Butler!

Injectible baytril IS disgusting. I've gotten it in my mouth before when animals fought it or spit it. :(
i just came back from the store with some fruit juice from concintrate they she seams to like it
Its the calcium in dairy that binds to the 'cyclines, in this case doxycycline or vibravet.

I actually make up my own baytril with a pill crusher, and a solution of 1 ml per mil of Strawberry Quik syrup and water. They fight over it through the bars..hehe.

If they won't take it that way I "force" medicate and just pop it down their throat.

I remember the days of trying this and that to get the meds in ;)
I've always had to use the syringe.
At the moment, I have to syringe baytril into Arthur for his breathing problems and as much as I hate doing it, it has to be done to make the difference.
Other than that, I would recommend using baby food, mashed bannanas or scrambled egg as these seem to be big favourites of the ratties.
I have also made my own mix, I melted some butter in a pan, added some apple sauce and some chopped banana and apple and mixed it together and the loved it!!!
The trick is to only start with a small amount of food with the baytril in, and than add some more food, with no baytril in once se has eaten the stuff with it in. That will also clear any taste of baytril that might be in her mouth and she will not know that she has had any baytril.
Good luck!!
I normally mix it with babyfood and the rats usually lap it all up.However I had the occassional stubborn rat that refused to touch it and in those cases,I would have to hold the rat firm and put the syringe into their mouths...they HATE it usually,but sometimes it has to be done.

Good luck!
thanks every one the baby food sounds likes good idea I'll pick some up tommorow because the juice that I mixed didn't work so well so right now I'm switching between none dairy yogehrt and apple sauce
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