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how do you help strays??

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I (like many others) have stray in my neighborhoods. Mostly cats but there are a few dogs too. I saw a limping cat one day and tried to feed him but he was too afraid and he doesn't come around very much. I do however have two regulars that I feed every day. One is braver than the other but he still wont let me pet him. I think they were all born in the wild but I still want to try and give them a home. Some I believe will get used to people some may be outside for life. It's usually in the 80s to 90s with humadity about 100% here most of the year so that makes me upset but they have been taken care of themselves for at least a year now so I guess they will be okay. The only thing good about our local shelter is they have a program that catches, fixes, and lets go feral cats for free so I want to take advantage of that but I'm not completely sure if they belong to someone. That brings me to the dogs. One is a girl she runs everywhere she goes and she doesn't look at me when I call out to her so maybe she can't hear? I'm not sure what to do with them. I want everyone to have homes and the others to be healthy. What would you do?
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Is there the same spay/neuter and release program for wild dogs? Be careful around the dogs-- you never know how they may react if they are spooked or if you get too close. Does the dog look healthy? Maybe you should call the shelter and ask how you can help with these stray cats. It would be nice if they could take care of the two you are feeding!
I work for an animal shelter. And my advise is to contact your local shelter regarding the issues. If you need help catching these animals, most shelters will assist. They can then asses the animals health and well being. If they are owned they should not be running the streets. If the owner cares in anyway once the notice the pets missing they will call the local shelter. It is always best to think about the well being of these animals that are lose and unable to protect themselves against those not so nice people.
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