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Hello everyone,
So my squirmy little hamster leapt from my hands and fell about three feet on his butt and now one of his hind legs has an awkward limp. I've waited it out a few days and took it to the pet shop for them to look at it (surely they've seen a few broken hamster legs before). It can walk (with a gimp) and it isn't screaming in pain and it doesn't look like it'll chew off the leg, but it's very obvious that the leg is broken. The girl said she was about 95% positive that my hamster would heal.
So I want to hear about your guys's experience. I am skeptical that the leg will fully heal back to the way it was. I am giving it a multivitamin that you put in it's water and have been giving it whole wheat bread soaked in milk for extra calcium. Do you think in a few weeks my hamster will be back to normal :(?

Thanks in advance

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It depends on how badly it's broken.

First of all, the hamster needs to go to the vet. A pet store is not a vet, and they're not qualified to give you medical advice.

For a simple break, the vet will typically recommend you confine your hamster to a much smaller cage, prescribe pain medication (this is vital -- would you want to limp around on a shattered leg without even an advil to help?) and possibly an antibiotic.

For a more complicated break, the leg may need to be amputated.
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