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I know this is long, but hopefully this post will benefit some of you. :)

I just wanted to put this out there in case it helps anyone. I'm always trying to get the best price and wanted to share my findings with you guys. It does cost a little bit more upfront, but saves a lot in the long run. I'm going to compare purchasing it at Petco: online vs. in stores (since this is how I do it).

Carefresh Ultra, white bedding (the better/more expensive kind)

In store, I usually see it for about $24.99 - $27.99

Total for 6, 50 liter bags at $24.99 = $149.94 + tax (here tax is 10% on all things, so my total is):


Online - first set up a cash back site. I use bigcrumbs, couponcactus, ebates and fatwallet. I will then compare cashback. For this instance I would use ebates since it offers 6% back on purchases from Petco. Please note: I only use internet explorer when clicking thru as mozilla usually doesn't work for me. If you need more information on how to use cash back, just ask.

(I had to remove link since I am under 20 posts) search for Carefresh Ultra Pet Bedding on Petco site. If you can't find it, PM me.

150 liters (package of 3) bulk buy with free shipping

$56.99 *2 = $113.98

Next (always find a coupon code!) I use and Google search (e.g. website name coupon codes) and then will search the first 10 returns

Right now there is one for Petco for 10% off (there was one for 20% off but it just expired, imagine how much cheaper this would be if I was to save another 10%) scene10 is the code for the 10% off, add it at check out.

$113.98 (total of 6, 50 liter bags) - $11.40 (coupon) = $102.98 + tax

$102.98 + $10.26 (tax) = a grand total of $112.84 shipped to my door (Petco gets it here in about a day or two, not too shabby!)

But I also get the 6% from ebates deposited into my paypal account (you can choose check or paypal cashback and they do it on a cycle). That 6% is another $6.15 back off of the purchase price (not total price).

That $112.84 within a month or so becomes $106.69.

Store total = $164.93
Online total = $106.69

$58.24 difference

What would you rather pay? Always search around, look for coupons, use cash back, and be a smart online shopper.

If you buy a lot of an item and maybe want help finding the best deal for you, let me know. When I have time, I'll see what I can dig up for you. If not, it doesn't hurt to find out, eh?

One more example: I use those square comf-e-cubes by super pet for sleeping. They cost $19.99 +tax at PetSmart.

(Removed link) search for Super Pet Ferret Sleeper (I use it for both my chinchillas and my rats) on (I haven't gotten any of the one pictured, only the cuter blue with chocolate, pink polka dot, and pink stripped patterns).

9 of them at $11.95 = $107.55 with free shipping, coupon code of 10PETS100 for $10 off an order of $100.

Promo #10PETS100:

$97.55 - $2.93 cashback from is...

Total of $94.62 for 9 beds shipped to my door. Not bad considering in store total ($19.99 + 10% tax = $21.99 for one) would be $197.91 with tax (no tax on CSN).

Store total = $197.91
CSN total (online) = $94.62

$103.29 difference.

Both of the above you can get right now. Prices and coupon codes were tested today. Hope this has been a worth while read for you!
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