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How many months ahead are you for christmas

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Does anyone get ready for christmas a couple months or a full year ahead. Me and my fiance usually forgo the halloween stuff(as we arent really into it) and skip straight to the christmas stuff. We put up some christmas lights just on our rafters as they are so high up last year we forgot. I am also trying to figure out what kind of cookies i want to make this year. Its a bit harder to do our outside since we dont have a plug in the front and we live in a condo so nobody really sees it so its gets annoying though i would really love too. Do you usually go all out or not so much.
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I LOVE Halloween! would be more happier not celebrating it.But my daughter has been introduced to the holiday and so I basically only celebrate it for her.I don't decorate at all.We go to mom's for Christmas anyway.So no,I do not go all out.

And I am a last minute shopper...I have NOTHING yet and it is just about November! :rolleyes:
I love christmas... honestly, better than halloween -- im just not into the scaries... But, back to christmas.... Normally we don't start shopping until Nov. but, this year with the financial stress we aren't spending a whole lot on family..

Last year I made gingerbread men... I had so much fun because i had shapes for them and I decorated them too. This year i'd like to make a gingerbread house. :)
I am into all the holidays.

We put up a big tree and indoor decorations. We also have a santa and deer light thing for the yard. We use to have a big light up deer thing for the yard but that was stolen a few years back with all the other ones on the street. I am not sure how they got it though since it was FROZEN to the ground.

I haven't even thought of what I am going to get people this year.
I decided I am not celebrating Christmas AT ALL this year.I will get my daughter one or two things,but that is it.I am not celebrating it.
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