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Depends on factors like some have mentioned, but assuming it'd be a dog (for me) not at the end of life, that you loved, wouldn't cause more pain, and while not guaranteed would have a good chance, ect, ect.


Having dealt with cancer before I'd say whatever it cost within reason.

That means I'm not going to over pay or pay some outrageous amount, this honestly goes for anything. I've heard people paying $1000-4000 just to treat parvo which is a very inexpensive disease to treat. I would treat it but not for that price, would still treat it but wouldn't be getting ripped off.

Without chemo or radiation I'd probably pay somewhere around $1000-1500 to treat cancer. Whatever goes along with that initial visit, medication, supplements, surgery, ect. I wouldn't pay $3000 or more if there isn't any chemo/radiation.

Also I don't feel it is a sacrifice. To pay for medical treatment for your dog.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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