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how much yogurt can my rat have?

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They love strawberry yogurt, but I can't find out how much is too much? I don't want any upset tummies or diarrhea!
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4 of my rats are under 6 weeks..
the other is 8 1/2 weeks
That is a good question! My boys never liked yogurt but they loved baby food (i.e. peas, squash, carrot, etc) and those were just strained veggies essentially, so I did not have to worry about the sugar content, but I am not sure how much sugar is in strawberry yogurt. Anyone know how much is too much?
i wouldn't give much, just dip the tip of your finger and give as a treat. Maybe once a week or once every other week
You shouldn't give too much yogurt, because many rats are actually quite sensitive to lactose and dairy products. I only give my boys yogurt if they need to take some medicine (don't mix it with doxycycline, but other meds are usually fine with it). Otherwise, it's a rare treat, and even then, you shouldn't feed more than a tiny bit (e.g. fingertip amount) at a time.
I've given my boys soy yogurt because of the lactose intolerance. There's a brand called O'Soy put out by O'Baby.

Now some will tell you not to give them soy or not to give it to them after a certain age because of fat content and some kind of cancer link, but I've heard conflicting opinions on that. I gave my youngsters soy yogurt about three times a week, no more than a tablespoon each. I give my adult boys soy yogurt as a treat every couple of weeks, roughly the same amount. But I'm no rat dietician. That just seems like a sensible plan to follow.
I give my rats a fruit based or vanilla yogurt as a treat sometimes. I don't give it to them often because rats shouldn't really have dairy. But once in awhile as a little treat,it is fine.
Small amounts of dairy are fine as a treat or if you are using live culture yogurt as a probiotic, but I wouldn't give too much or too often.
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