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How old is my male cockatiel???

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Please give me your estimate on how old my cockatiel is. Here is a discription of him
- yellow face
-grayish pink legs
-grayish pink nostrils
-orange dots ( ears) :lol:
-yellow crest
-very vocal
-eats alot
-gray beak
-brown eyes
Thank you!
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Are his eyes completely dark or is there a light ring around the pupil? Does under his tail have dark-colored bars? Are his orange cheek patches really defined (instead of mottled with grey)?

Birds are one of the hardest animals to estimate age with. They don't develop the usual signs and often the only sign of age is increased sleeping and grumpiness. Their behaviour does change when they go through the Terrible Two's and Terrible Teens but unless you had a perfectly sweet bird before and a suddenly raging monster now then it's hard to tell what stage they are in.
His eyes are dark brown. I have no clue on what bars under his tail means but they are pretty much black. His orange cheek patches are defined. He is defiantly not grumpy and sleeps at night and an hour in the day, total time= 10 hours and not increased. Thank you for responding
Well, all of my questions identified a juvenile bird, not yet reached maturity, aka still-a-baby.

Since your cockatiel has none of the juvenile markings I would assume he's at least older than a year. I can't remember exactly when Cockatiels mature (pretty sure it's something-something months) but he is at least a year old. They can live to be twenty so you probably have plenty of years left with him anyways :)
Well he is way over a year! I have had him for 2 years and somebody else had him for 2 and before that person another raised him but didnt tell them how old he was. And i lost all contact with her! So confusing isnt it!? Thank you for responding!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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