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"The initial step is to check out whether the software is compatible. If you are visiting download the Mobile Spy software application, you have to recognize whether it will definitely work on the phone you are targeting - the iPhone or the Blackberry, Symbian or the Windows Mobile. These are all the systems it is compatible with and many more.

To purchase the cell spy computer software, one should go to the official website whereby links are supplied in lots of areas. One should fill out the user particulars in the billing part then, once the order is completed, the email account which has to be supplied by the individual, needs to be inspected. Here a registration code is sent by which one can easily download the software and a key sequence is even sent, by which the interface of the software should be brought up in the smart phone. See, really helps you.

Once the sign up code and the user name as well as password details are developed, the link can be clicked upon to set up the program in the smartphone that you want to supervise. The moment installed, the program disappears from view advertisement works in stealth method. Just on typing a certain sequence will one get to see the show in the phone system. The product once put in, the settings have to be adjusted. One needs to see the GPRS settings through which the log information will certainly be uploaded on the online server. Also, the kind of tasks you want to oversee should even be saved at this stage. In such a way one will complete the preliminary setting up of the tracking system on ones phone.
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