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My goo Edgar loves to chew on the floor boards when he's out playing. But obviously this is a problem. I really want him to stop this and i can't seem to find the trick. I understand that to him he's just chewing and i don't want him to think that is why i'm frustrated. No matter how many chew toys i put out for him (like 10 at once) he just is insistent on chewing them. I even put tape over them but he seems to maneuver the tape off (clever little butt lol) I tried making a little hissy noise at him whenever he does it and he'll stop, but then continue after a few moments, i even pet and encourage him when he chews the right things but no luck. I heard putting vinegar on them would work but im worried vinegar would be bad for his health. Any suggestions?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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