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I've had my Betta for 9 months now. Up till a few weeks ago, he was perfectly fine. However, he started acting strange...
Instead of floating between the leaves of his fake plant, or swimming about, he's been up near the surface in a corner. It doesn't matter which corner.
I noticed that his coloring became a bit off as well.
I've been gone at camps, hence he's had his small tank cleaned less often, and he's been living off of the 7 day Betta feeder.

I'm wondering if the 7 day feeder didn't agree with him, since this has only been happening since I've given him that.

He's been back on his regular diet and habitat cleaning for a week or so now, though now I'm seeing that he's got white stuff on him and his eyes look cloudy. I read something else online that described that, and that it most likely came from over feeding.... It is possible that he's taken too much in from my brother feeding him for me while I've been in the hospital for the past few days, though I doubt it would be enough to change that quickly, along with the fact that he already was acting strange before.

Is there anything I can do for him to get better again? :(

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Sounds like the 7 day feeders are part of the problem for a number of reasons. The biggest one being that betta's should never be allowed to eat when they want, they get fat and sick. Those 7 day feeders are also not good for betta's nutrition wise. Betta's are carnivores more-so and thrive on things like blood worms and betta pellets (specially enhanced for them), muti day feeders are for goldfish and other tropical fishies. Having a supply of food in the water for any amount of time will wear away at natural buildup in the water and make it dirty. The dirt is taken into the bodice of the little betta and he becomes ill. Betta's like clean water (despite what pet stores say).
A couple days with the build up from a feeder and not being changed would indeed cause something bad to happen to your fish.
Fortunately, what you described sounds like fungus and you can treat that with a product called Melafix. WalMart sells it and any pet store will as well. Follow the instructions on the bottle and hopefully fishie will be okay. It worked for my sister's betta who hardly ate or swam for like 3 weeks.
A couple details might help, what do you keep your fish in? Is it heated? Filtered? Live plants?
I keep my betta in a KritterKeeper with a desk lamp for heat and light (he has half shaded off) and I just bought what's called a Marimo moss ball. These don't require much maintenance and they help the quality of water while looking really neat at the same time! :D
Once you treat your fish for this fungus make sure you make regular water changes to prevent it again.

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I've never heard of a betta that would even eat from those feeders (and if one did I bet it'd over-eat anyways). Most likely the thing simply dissolved and polluted the tank water.

I wouldn't medicate or anything, just keep up on water changes and get the tank nice and clean again. Test a water sample, too, to check for ammonia/nitrite spikes.

How big is the tank and is it heated?
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