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Hi everyone,
this is my first post here and i think i will get good feedback on this website so i hope I'm right. So my question is i have had two girl degus in separate cages next to each other for about 2-3 months. I would just like to know how should i go about introducing them. One is about 6 months and the other is 1 year and 4 months.

thanks for the replies :)

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This is a forum, not a chatroom, so you usually won't get instant replies ;).

Start by mixing bedding between their cages. You can also let them share a dust bath...leave it one cage and then move it to the other. The idea is for them to get used to each others scents. They're probably already a bit used to each other so just do this for a few days. Then introduce them in a neutral space (some place neither degu has been for long) like a bath tub. Keep the initial meetings very short, you want them to be quick but positive. If all goes well, gradually increase the meeting times over the next week. If they don't show any signs of fighting (some squeaking, humping, and chasing is just don't want bloodshed or them literally rolling around fighting), they can be placed in a newly cleaned cage together. Just watch them carefully at first to be sure. Females are usually easy to introduce :).

Make sure the new cage has two food dishes ;).
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