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Admittedly, I'm a neat freak. When I got Oliver, I had no idea that he would challenge every notion I had about pets and what a mess they make; bunnies are so, so messy! It's not that they mean to be, but they poop a lot, and they need to eat a lot of hay, and it kind of ends up everywhere, it seems!

That said, you've all seen Oliver's hutch - it's a chicken hutch with solid side walls a wire front gate. It's great for keeping this mess inside the hutch, but it can be really hard to clean because of the way that the gate pulls down. Basically, the problem I'm having has to do with the ridiculous amounts of hay that end up all over the place. Oliver doesn't really drag his hay all over, but I'm just kind of placing it in there, and he tends to hop on it or pull it across the floor.

What do you all do with your hay? I was putting it right in his little box at the end he doesn't use too often, but then I noticed he was urinating on it and so it was wet and almost looked like it was starting to mildew; I was afraid he would eat it and become sick. Another small issue I'm having comes from wanting to keep the hay away from a consistently leaky water bottle - again, I don't want it to mold.

Any suggestions are welcome!

In case you don't remember his hutch (started thinking about this, and why would you) here's a picture:

What makes cleaning so hard is the way the front door opens -the back is very hard to reach, so the less stray hay the better.
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